2017 TRAILFEST Questions and Answers

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As we get closer to registration we start to see lots of questions! Here are some of the most common ones and their respective answers. 

When will Trailfest sell out?
That is tough to say. Our first year (2016) we sold out about 8 weeks before the end of the registration period but this year the interest and early comments indicate that we will sell out much sooner.

What is included in registration?
Please check out our registration page found HERE.

Can I get a discount if I decide to get a hotel room in Kanab rather than camp?
Unfortunately no. Tent and site are included in the registration. Its fine if camping isnt your think and you want a bed every night but we can't give a discount.

Do my non runner family and friends have to pay for the fest?
No,  the fest, speakers, filmfest, yoga, etc are free and open to the public. They will need to share or pay for a campsite, and food arent included for non runners, unless you give them one of your meal passes.  

Is there any transportation from __________________ (airport) to Trailfest HQ?
No, Kanab is a small town and there isnt arent any forms of mass transportation from the larger cities.  We suggest, if at all possible, you find someone to carpool with. As we get closer to TRAILFEST and travel plans are purchased I will make a carpool doc where runners can leave their email, flight times, airports, etc and you can hopefully arrange to carpool with other runners. We had pretty good success with this in 2016.

Should I rent a car?
YES!!! Especially if you can carpool and share the car rental fee. There is so much to see in the area and our races will at best scratch the surface. If you have your own car, post race, you can enjoy the National Parks and Monuments, State Parks and other public lands. Plus it will save you $25/day off of paying for shuttle to HQ to the events each day.

Can I rent a car at the airport and drop off at Kanab
No, Kanab has one small rental that isn't associated with any of the big chain rental companies.

What is the Refund Policy-
Check the registration page for our refund policy.




The Grand Circle Trailfest is not only a running event, but an end-of-season social gathering offering something for everyone.


At the end of the day, runners, family, friends and locals will gravitate towards the social activities that appeal to them most.   After a fun day out on the trails, it’s time to kick off your running shoes, sit back and unwind. We’ll have something each night to help you relax and recharge for the next day. We create the environment for runners and non-runners alike to share stories & experiences.  THE FEST IS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

We have been working hard at finalizing the FEST portion of Trailfest! Click HERE to see the updated daily itinerary. 

Some highlights that you will not want to miss! 
Family Fun Runs
A traditional Hopi Buffalo Dance
Clinics by Sunny Blende and  Matt Fitzgerald
Keynote Speaker- Ray Zahab

A few new updates! 
Meals and Meal tickets- Pre Run Breakfast for runners will be muffins, fruit, bagels, yogurt, juice, water and coffee. Starting after 2PMwith your meal ticket and/or with purchase  we will have the following options for meals at the Fest: Woodfire Pizza, Chuckwagon, Waffle Love, Donut Bites, Mexican and traditional Navajo Tacos.  Kanab also has numerous fine options available. 

Vendors- We will have numerous vendors on site including UltraSpire, Altra Running, St George Running Center and many more that will be announced soon. 

Showers- YES!! There will be 4 showers for men and another 4 for women. 

Electricity- We will have places to charge electronics but with over 400 runners plus everyone else at trailfest there may be a line! Make sure you bring your car charger just in case. 

Campsites/Lodging- In general choosing your campsite will be first come, first serve. If you really want to be by family and friends we dont anticipate there being a problem. If you have a friend/family arriving earlier than you are going to be able to dont hesitate having them check in for you. 

Lodging- If you aren't the camper or you just want a soft bed after sleeping on a pad for a few nights dont be afraid to stay in one of Kanabs many hotels, bed and breakfasts or motels. 

DOGS- We have been approved to have dogs in one section of Trailfest. Dog owners will be able to tent camp in this section. A huge warning though this area is a little out of the main fest area and your dogs MUST REMAIN in the designated area and always be on a leash. Dogs will not be allowed anywhere in the park (this is a city ordinance) If your dog is found off leash or anywhere outside of the designated area you may be asked to leave trailfest.  

Latest Race Day Updates

As we get closer to trailfest we are hammering out final details. Over the next couple weeks I hope to share as much as I can! Here are some updates! 


SHUTTLE TIMES: *Check Festival Itinerary for daily times. 
Shuttles Load at 5:45am // Leave at 6:00am *runners only* Grand Canyon Departs at 5AM
*grab ‘n go breakfast - show your bib // for runners only //

Th (10/13) - BRYCE - 7:30am START
Fri (10/14) - ZION - 7:15am START
Sat (10/15) - GC - 7:30am ** TENTATIVE **

Start temperatures may be cool in the mornings for Bryce and Grand Canyon. We will offer runners a chance to "drop" items at the start line and we will transport the items to the finish line. We will also offer a drop at the aid station half way through your race. These items will be transported back to Kanab and our headquarters. 

Each run will have one fully stocked aid station. Food items at each aid station will include water, electrolytes (NUUN), cut fruit, honey stinger gels, and at least one salty/sugar product. At the aid station runners will also be able
to use one of our compost toilets.

After your race while you wait for the shuttle (either back to your car or to headquarters)  or friends to finish each runner will be given a food box. Items in the box will include a banana, chocolate milk, several varieties granola style bars, etc.  You will also receive your finisher's award! Family and Friends are invited to either drive runners to start or pick them up from the finish or both. Runners who drive themselves will park at a central, easy to find parking area where they will be shuttle to and from the course.  We will provide maps and driving directions as we get closer to trailfest. 





What should I pack for Trailfest?

Gear list

This gear list has been created to HELP you choose the proper equipment. You may consider bringing more or less depending on how comfortable you are camping. If you are staying at one of the many fine hotels or bed and breakfasts in Kanab obviously many items on this list are unnecessary. There are several lodging options within walking distance of the fest area.

Provided by Trailfest (with any race registration)

 Campsite (if requested)

 Tent (if requested)

  Meal tickets *

  Race aid stations **

Highly Recommended  

Flashlight or headlamp

Camp shoes

Any personal/prescription medication

Running shoes

Running socks (1 pair for each race)

Jacket or vest

Sleeping bag
(40° for most nights check weather conditions before) ***

Sleeping pad

Camp/Shower towel

Running hydration system/pack

Extra clothing for the fest

Warm clothing for nights and mornings

Blanket to lay on for film fest




Snacks/Food ****



Camp pillow

Underwear (maybe this should go as Highly Recommended? ;) )


Sun hat


Long underwear

Extra blanket



Rain gear (check weather forecast)

Ear plugs (may be mandatory if you have a snorer for a neighbor)

Personal first aid kit


Insect repellant

Reading and writing materials

Personal Bathroom Kit: Personal Wipes, Hand Cleaner



*  # of meal tickets is determined by how many segments/races you register for

** Every race will have one fully stocked aid station. Aid stations will have water, electrolytes, gels, fresh cut fruit, salty/sweet items

*** Check the weather before hand for Kanab. If there is a cold front that moves in a 40° bag wont be enough and you would be better off bringing a 20° or layered clothing or an extra blanket. If you sleep cold you might consider bringing a warmer bag anyway.

**** There are plenty of places in Kanab to buy snacks and restaurants



We have finalized Kids Camp! 

We are thrilled to announce that the 2016 Kids Camp will be led by Mackenzie Hill. Mackenzi is 24 years old. She started watching children when she was 12  and has been doing it ever since. She is a dance major at BYU Idaho and loves to teach children to dance and be active.  Currently she works at Adventure Time Daycare. She also currently teaches tumbling to children ranging from 10 months to 13 years old. 

Click here to see a tentative schedule of daily activities 

Deadline to register: Sept 30
Cost: Thur: $30 Fri:$30 Sat $40 per kid
Only available to 3+ but the child must be out of diapers


Trailfest Keynote Speaker!


We are beyond happy to announce that the Trailfest Keynote Speaker will be the Ray Zahab!!!!!!!  Click here to see his TED Talk. 

On November 1, 2006, former "pack a day smoker" turned ultra runner Ray Zahab and two friends, Charlie Engle and Kevin Lin, both accomplished runners, set out on an expedition to cross the Sahara Desert by foot. 111 days and 7,500 kms after leaving the coast of Senegal, Africa they completed their journey by stepping into the Red Sea.

This epic expedition had the trio running an average of 70kms a day without a single day of rest. National Geographic tracked the expedition by web, as well as the documentary film 'Running The Sahara', produced by Matt Damon and directed by Academy Award winner James Moll, was created in an effort to raise awareness for the drinking water crisis in North Africa. After witnessing and experiencing this water crisis in North Africa, Ray decided to leverage his future adventures to help raise awareness and funding for causes, like this one, that he supports and believes in.

In 2007, Ray ran the three coastal trails of Canada back to back and virtually non-stop, for a total distance of 400 kms. The Akshayuk Pass on Baffin Island, East Coast Trail Newfoundland and West Coast Trail in British Columbia.

Motivated by the Sahara run - Ray conceptualized the Canada ONExONE Run in May 2008. Along with a team of runners, Ray ran an average 80 kms per day in each of Canada's 13 Provinces and Territories in 13 days. School visits were arranged along the way, students participated and communities became engaged in many of the issues which ONExONE endeavors to address to help improve the wellbeing of the world's children. In Saskatoon alone, several thousand students and 27 schools were involved in school rallies and a city wide relay with Ray and the team.

In 2008, Ray founded impossible2Possible (i2P) (impossible2possible.com) an organization that aims to inspire and educate youth through adventure learning, inclusion and participation in expeditions. Youth Ambassadors are selected from around the globe then participate, at no cost, in all aspects of the expedition, from logistics and running to creating educational content and team support. All of the i2P Youth Expeditions have included various challenge based initiatives through an Experiential Learning program, in which thousands of students participate as active 'team members' during the expeditions, from classrooms all over the world. This program and its technology is also provided at no cost to the students or schools participating. Since its inception, i2P Youth Expeditions have included 12 grueling expeditions; Baffin Island, Tunisia, the Amazon, Bolivia, India, Botswana, Utah, Peru, Chile, Italy, California and Greece. The programs and expeditions are 100% free of cost.

In 2009, Ray and two other Canadians, Kevin Vallely and Richard Weber, broke the world speed record for an unsupported expedition by a team to the South Pole. In the process, Ray trekked this traditional route from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole, a distance of 1,100 kms, solely on foot and snowshoes, without the use of skis. Students from all over North America joined the team on a daily basis, a program provided through impossible2Possible, as the trio continued their southern trek. The students received daily communications and actively took part in every step of the trek. Essentially becoming "teammates" of the expedition, and teammates of the Guinness World Record.

In winter 2010, Ray and Kevin Vallely ran the length of frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, 650 kms, over the course of 13 days, totally unsupported. Once again communication with satellite video conferencing to schools brought the expedition into classrooms, and classrooms onto the expedition.

In early 2011, Ray ran the length of the "driest desert on Earth", the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. Here he ran 1,200 kms in 20 days with minimal daily re-supply and with his camping gear on his back. Thousands of students joined this journey, again under his i2P organization, via live web and video conferencing.

In summer 2011, Ray and Will Laughlin ran from the north park boundary to the south park boundary of Death Valley National Park, totally off-road. The 237 km run saw temps reaching over 120 degrees F.

Beginning June 23rd 2013, Ray ran over 2,000km across Mongolia and the Gobi Desert. He was accompanied by both a film crew and photographer who recorded not only the expedition, but also created an robust film archive sharing the stories of the people and culture of Mongolia. This marks the beginning of the "To The Edge" series chronicling the stories and people and that Ray comes into to contact with on expeditions...situations and people that occur when at the edges of the Earth!

In Winter 2014 Ray completed his 4th unsupported crossing of Baffin Island on the Akshayuk Pass, and in January 2015 he ran 1,000km across the Patagonian Desert. In summer 2015 Ray did a partial crossing of Death Valley National Park, his second project in the area.

In February 2016, Ray Zahab (CAN), Jen Segger (CAN) and Stefano Gregoretti (Italy) set out on a unique and challenging expedition that spanned 100 degrees celsius on the thermometer. The team journeyed from -50°C (-58F) to +50°C (120F) over 1,500km, on mountain bikes and foot, crossing both Baffin Island in Canadian winter, and the Atacama Desert in Chilean summer.

Ray has also found the time to write 2 successful books about his life and adventures. Running for My Life published in 2007 and Ray's second book, geared at youth readers, Running to Extremes, which recently became a National Best-Seller in Canada.

In addition to being an adventurer, youth advocate and runner, Ray speaks around the world at events such as TED, IOC World Conference, Idea City, The Economist World in 2010 and 2011, World Affairs Council, and numerous Apple Distinguished Educator events internationally. He has been interviewed and appeared on several talk and news programs including CNNi, The Hour, CBC, CTV, BBC, Jay Leno, and Discovery.

Outside of his own organization Ray dedicates portions of his time as a previous board of Directors - now an advisor to the Ryan's Well Foundation, he is an Athletic Ambassador of the ONExONE.org, and is a representative of SpreadTheNet. Ray was the recipient of the ONExONE Difference Award in 2007, and the Torchbearers Award in 2010. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Canadian Geographical Society. In spring 2012, Ray was invited by H.E. Tsogtbaatar Damdin (Minister of Environment, Mongolia) to join their Internal Advisory Committee. In 2015 Canadian Geographic recognized Ray as one of Canada's Top Explorers. In December 2015 Ray was presented with the Meritorious Service Cross of Canada.

He continues today with life as an adventurer and as a volunteer with impossible2Possible. 'Running The Sahara' would begin a lifelong journey of discovery. A journey of learning that some of the largest barriers to success are the ones we put upon ourselves. By breaking these down, Ray has learned that we are all capable of achieving truly extraordinary things.

Happy to announce Sunny Blende

We have confirmed that Sunny Blende will be with us on Thursday during trailfest! She will cover carbohydrates and and fueling and also fat-burning adaptation, with possible “problems" and “nutrition solutions." Sunny Blende, M.S. is a Sports Nutritionist who writes and counsels individuals and teams on fueling for enhanced performance and making healthy food choices. Currently she writes the nutrition column for UltraRunning magazine and runs ultras herself. She has presented at the National RRCA Convention, the National Rowing Convention, Nike San Francisco Marathon Expo, and the Runners World San Francisco Marathon and worked as an assistant with the Los Angeles Marathon Association. An avid master competitor herself, she trains and competes in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Sunny received her Bachelor of Science degree from University of Southern California and her Masters in Human Nutrition degree from University of New Haven. 

You can check out her website here http://www.eat4fitness.com/ 


We have a few big updates to TrailFest which are pretty exciting! 

First-  we are happy to announce that on Friday afternoon renowned author/trainer/nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald will be conducting a clinic.  Check out some of the work Matt is doing on his website http://mattfitzgerald.org/books/

Second-  after listening to the input of many we have decided to allow the purchase of a one-day pass to any of the races, or a two-day pass to any combination of races. If you want to run Zion and Grand Canyon BOOM you can run Zion and Grand Canyon! If the 18 miles of Grand Canyon scares you run Bryce and Zion instead!  

Campsite and Tents (optional) for the entire festival are part of the registration of any one day pass. Great news for anyone who wants to run one day and hang out with us at the Festival for the other two days. 

We are still finalizing a few things for the Kids Camp but expect a big announcement soon! 

Latest News

As we get closer to Trailfest we will begin to finalize a few things. Here are some of the recent changes and updates to Trailfest

1. Early sign-up deadline was extended to June 1st from May 1st

2.  We are thrilled to announce that the "fest" part of trailfest is now free and open to the public! Anyone can come hang out,  and participate in the activities (other than the trail runs).

3. Registration will include a shirt, 2 meals per day, all the festival activities, camping spot, a tent (if needed),  for every completed run a handcrafted finisher item, and an amazing handcrafted finisher "item" for anyone who finishes all 3 races!

4. Refund Policy - Full refund until August 31, 2016. After that there is no refund, but they can defer funds to any VR or UA event in the next 12 months (Oct. 2016-Oct. 2017).