Along with registration, we see lots of questions! Here are some of the most common ones and their respective answers:

Where is Trailfest?
Trailfest is located in Kanab Utah. Our headquarters/base camp is at the Jacob Hamblin city park. Directions can be found here

When will Trailfest sell out?
That is tough to say. Our first year (2016) we sold out about 8 weeks before the end of the registration period but this year the interest and early comments indicate that we will sell out much sooner. *UPDATE: Trailfest is now sold out! Stay tuned for the announcement of the John Muir Trailfest which is planned to occur summer 2018.*

What is included in registration?
Please check out our registration page found HERE.

Where and when can I pickup my bib?
You will be able to pick up your bib at HQ on Wednesday from 12pm-8pm and from 2pm-8pm on Thursday and Friday.  If you arrive late Wednesday. If you cant make it to bib pickup Wednesday you will be able to pick up your bib at the race start and then pick up your other bibs and packet later in the day. 

How does camping work?
If you reserved a tent we will have the tent set up for you. If you are coming with a group our set up tents are first come first serve but you should be able to find tents close by each other. In fact the first person to check in can also check in the entire group and reserve your tents.  If you are traveling with a group who didn't reserve one of our tents but you did we will give you an unset up tent where you and your group can set up your tents.  

How do meal tickets work? 
For every day you race you will receive 2 meal tickets. You can use them however and whenever you want. You can give them away or use them yourself. We suggest you use one for your grab and go breakfast and then one post race at one of our food vendors. 

Can I get a discount if I decide to get a hotel room in Kanab rather than camp?
Unfortunately no. Tent and site are included in the registration. Its fine if camping isnt your think and you want a bed every night but we can't give a discount.

Do my non runner family and friends have to pay for the fest?
No,  the fest, speakers, filmfest, yoga, etc are free and open to the public. They will need to share or pay for a campsite, and food arent included for non runners, unless you give them one of your meal passes.  

Is there any transportation from __________________ (airport) to Trailfest HQ?
No, Kanab is a small town and there aren't any forms of mass transportation from the larger cities.  We suggest, if at all possible, you find someone to carpool with. As we get closer to TRAILFEST and travel plans are purchased I will make a carpool doc where runners can leave their email, flight times, airports, etc and you can hopefully arrange to carpool with other runners. We had pretty good success with this in 2016.

Should I rent a car?
YES!!! Especially if you can carpool and share the car rental fee. There is so much to see in the area and our races will at best scratch the surface. If you have your own car, post race, you can enjoy the National Parks and Monuments, State Parks and other public lands. Plus it will save you $20/day(early registration) off of paying for shuttle to HQ to the events each day.

Driving to each race
Either follow on of the shuttles or click here for directions. 

Can I rent a car at the airport and drop off at Kanab?
No, Kanab has one small rental that isn't associated with any of the big chain rental companies.

What is the Refund Policy?
If you cannot make the event, you can cancel your registration and receive a refund (of your paid entry fee, does not include processing fees) within the following periods:
- Full refund until 1st price jump on March 31
- Full refund minus $20 from April 1st - July 28th
- From July 29th to October 4th you can defer your registration to next year's event or any other Ultra Adventures or Vacation Races events. Login to your RunSignUp account > click "Edit Registration" > and select "Defer Registration" or "Transfer to Another Race".

Are Dogs Allowed at Trailfest?
Mostly no. We will have an area for dogs where you and your pet can camp. Dogs will be required to remain in this designated area. The actual headquarters where the film fest, yoga, speakers, and clinics are in a city park with a strict no dog rule. If your dog leaves the designated "pet" areas could lead you to being disqualified from Trailfest. 

Ride-Share and Carpool
We hope that if possible you will carpool to trailfest and to the races. We have a google doc where you can enter your info and meet up with other people interested in this. Click here for the google doc

As a thank you to our men and women in uniform we will be offering a discount. When registering, please select military registration to receive the discount. This is limited to anyone with a military ID or DD214.

  • If you are active duty you qualify.
  • If you are the spouse or a child (under 21) of someone who is active duty with a military ID, you qualify.
  • If you are a veteran you qualify.
  • If you are a military retiree you qualify.
  • If you are the spouse of a military retiree you qualify.
  • If you are the spouse or child of a veteran you do not qualify unless you have a current Military ID or DD214.
  • Employees of the State Department are not eligible for the discount.