How it works:

What would a trail running festival be without a race?!?   

Each day you will run a segment of trail which highlights the natural landscape unique to that particular area (Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Grand Canyon.) You will have the option to take a shuttle from the Festival HQ in Kanab to the race starts and back each day (for a small fee), or better yet drive yourself and explore the park after your run (see below for more detail).  You'll receive a time for each of the three trails that you run and will receive a cumulative time at the end of the festival on Saturday. Top finishers for each course will be crowned back at Trailfest Headquarters at the end of the day. Runners will be assigned a heat which will determine their shuttle pickup schedule from Trailfest headquarters. There are cutoffs. Runners must average a 20 minute mile to avoid being pulled from the course.

Check-in Schedule:

Runners will get their assigned camping area (optional) and receive their race packets at Trailfest Headquarters. Check-in will be available each afternoon from 12-8pm on Wednesday and 2-8 Thursday and Friday. There, you will receive your bib, festival pass, camping assignment, and meal tickets. 


At each race, there will be a parking lot near the start line that you will be able to drive to. From there, there will be a short, free shuttle ride from the parking area to the actual start line. After the race, there will also be a shuttle from the finish back to the parking. This gives you a travel option which will allow you to explore the park and travel independently to and from Trailfest HQ! We'll have more details about this and Festival HQ shuttles soon.

BRYCE CANYON - (13 miles)

This stunningly scenic course runs in, around, and through the colorful hoodoos as it links the Thunder Mountain and Golden Wall trails of Red Canyon.
Aid station at mile 5.5(runners may be pulled at aid station if they havent met cutoff time)


Day 1:


Trailfest Bryce Canyon Course.jpg
Bryce Canyon Elevation Profile-03.png

ZION - (12 miles)

Gooseberry Mesa Loop: Enjoy rim running on one of the most beautiful trail systems in America with panoramic views of Zion National Park. 
Aid station at mile 4.5 and 5.5 (runners may be pulled at aid station if they havent met cutoff time)



Day 2:

Trailfest Zion Course.jpg
Zion Elevation Profile-01.png

GRAND CANYON - (19 miles)

The grand finale of the festival in both views and distance! At Grand Canyon you will run through the beautiful Kaibab forest for several miles before seeing one of the most breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon. From Crazy Jug viewpoint you will run several miles along the rim of the canyon before turning back to the start line. Aid Station at miles10 and 17 (runners may be pulled at aid station if they havent met cutoff time)


Day 3:


Trailfest Grand Canyon Course.jpg
Grand Canyon Elevation Profile-02.png