We have a few big updates to TrailFest which are pretty exciting! 

First-  we are happy to announce that on Friday afternoon renowned author/trainer/nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald will be conducting a clinic.  Check out some of the work Matt is doing on his website

Second-  after listening to the input of many we have decided to allow the purchase of a one-day pass to any of the races, or a two-day pass to any combination of races. If you want to run Zion and Grand Canyon BOOM you can run Zion and Grand Canyon! If the 18 miles of Grand Canyon scares you run Bryce and Zion instead!  

Campsite and Tents (optional) for the entire festival are part of the registration of any one day pass. Great news for anyone who wants to run one day and hang out with us at the Festival for the other two days. 

We are still finalizing a few things for the Kids Camp but expect a big announcement soon!