What should I pack for Trailfest?

Gear list

This gear list has been created to HELP you choose the proper equipment. You may consider bringing more or less depending on how comfortable you are camping. If you are staying at one of the many fine hotels or bed and breakfasts in Kanab obviously many items on this list are unnecessary. There are several lodging options within walking distance of the fest area.

Provided by Trailfest (with any race registration)

 Campsite (if requested)

 Tent (if requested)

  Meal tickets *

  Race aid stations **

Highly Recommended  

Flashlight or headlamp

Camp shoes

Any personal/prescription medication

Running shoes

Running socks (1 pair for each race)

Jacket or vest

Sleeping bag
(40° for most nights check weather conditions before) ***

Sleeping pad

Camp/Shower towel

Running hydration system/pack

Extra clothing for the fest

Warm clothing for nights and mornings

Blanket to lay on for film fest




Snacks/Food ****



Camp pillow

Underwear (maybe this should go as Highly Recommended? ;) )


Sun hat


Long underwear

Extra blanket



Rain gear (check weather forecast)

Ear plugs (may be mandatory if you have a snorer for a neighbor)

Personal first aid kit


Insect repellant

Reading and writing materials

Personal Bathroom Kit: Personal Wipes, Hand Cleaner



*  # of meal tickets is determined by how many segments/races you register for

** Every race will have one fully stocked aid station. Aid stations will have water, electrolytes, gels, fresh cut fruit, salty/sweet items

*** Check the weather before hand for Kanab. If there is a cold front that moves in a 40° bag wont be enough and you would be better off bringing a 20° or layered clothing or an extra blanket. If you sleep cold you might consider bringing a warmer bag anyway.

**** There are plenty of places in Kanab to buy snacks and restaurants