Registration and Refund Policy:

***2017 SOLD OUT***



                                                Full Access Pass ($575 ) Includes:
                                                    -Entry and bib to each race course
                                                    -Admission to all festival activities
                                                    -6 meal tickets
                                                    -Campsite and tent for entire festival (optional)

                                                2 Day Pass ($385 ) Includes:
                                                    -Entry and bib to any two race courses
                                                    -Admission to  daily festival activities for the entire festival
                                                    -4 meal tickets
                                                    -Campsite and tent for entire festival (optional)

                                                 1 Day Pass ($195 ) Includes:
                                                      -Entry and bib to the course of your choice
                                                      -Admission to the daily festival activities for the entire festival
                                                      -2 meal tickets
                                                      -Campsite and tent for entire festival (optional)

-Daily runner shuttle from Kanab (HQ) to the race and return to Trailfest HQ is $20*  per day.
                                                       (Drive your own car, save the daily shuttle fee and after your race enjoy the beauty
                                                        of the Grand Circle, the National Parks/Monuments, State Parks, etc).

                                               * $20 during early bird // $25 during register reg // $40 during late reg

                                                  Camping Pass Only
- $30 (no tent provided)

                                             Car/RV Camping
Free with registration. Additional spots $30. Be advised there are no hookups and sites
                                                       are very limited.

                                              Kids Camp
                                                            - $30 (
Discounted rate for additional children) 


Team Info

To be part of a team you must register for all three days. There are no relays, but there is a team prize to compete for. The 1st person to register will create the team name. All other team members must select the same team name form the drop down to receive the discount. You will register on a team, but each registers separately and pays full price for registration. Runners on a team of 5 will each receive a $25 refund towards their registration and the team will be automatically entered in the team category. The refund will be refunded to each member of a team automatically before the expo, as long as they have all 5 members.

Scoring for the teams: We'll calculate team scores by adding all teammate's finish times together. The team with the lowest aggregate finish time will be placed. Awards will be given out for first, second and third place.  

*Only teams with a complete team of 5 will qualify for team awards, If a team member drops out of the event, the whole team is disqualified for the team award. A team must register for the full 3 day event (although we do daily awards, you can't compete as a team unless everyone is registered for all 3 days - you can choose not to run one day, but you have to be registered for all 3 days)

**Please be considerate when choosing a team name. Any name team names we deem offensive will be changed to “Team A,” “Team B” etc.

Tent and campsite are included in your registration but dont feel that you have to camp. If you are more comfortable at a hotel or bed and breakfast please check out some of your options in the location/accommodations page



Price Chart and Deadlines: 

Early Registration: Jan 20 - March 31
 Regular Registration: April 1 - July 28
Late Registration: July 29 - October 4



Refund Policy:

If you cannot make the event, you can cancel your registration and receive a refund (of your paid entry fee, does not include processing fees) within the following periods:

- Full refund until 1st price jump on March 31
- Full refund minus $20 from April 1st - July 28th
- From July 29th to October 4th you can defer your registration to next year's event or any other Ultra Adventures or Vacation Races events. Login to your RunSignUp account > click "Edit Registration" > and select "Defer Registration" or "Transfer to Another Race".